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Books for Collectors

Winchester Single Shot Book

Winchester Single-Shot, Volumes 1 and 2 

   The best reference books available.                           8-24-2020

These two volumes are in fine condition. Lots of pictures and information for the collector. They will be shipped by priority mail in a flat rate box. Well wrapped. Click on images for larger view.                  E-Mail:

 Priority shipping 12.00                                   Price $275.00     

Winchester 1885 Rifle
Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall Book

The Book of Colt Firearms by R. L. Wilson          

Colt Firearms, R.L. Wilson
Colt Pistols, R.L. Wilson

    An excellent condition reference book for all the Colt Pistols. For the new collector or old timers. This book starts with the story of Colts first revolvers and goes all the way through to the Automatics and Commemoratives. Great illustrations and lots of History. This will be well packed in a Priority mail box.     E-Mail:

Click on images for larger view.


   Priority Shipping 12.00                                       Price $95.00

Colt Patersen , Wilson
Colt Pistols, Wilsom and Hable

Colt Pistols by Wilson and Hable

    Superb condition. Hard slip cover. The best of the best of Colt. Many fine color photos of engraved and cased Colts. If you do not have this book you will like it! I ship well packed in a priority mail box.                      E-Mail:

Click on images for larger views of item.

Priority Shipping 12.00                                  Price $165.00

Colt Pistols, Wilson and Hable
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