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The Ideal No. 5 Powder Measure

    Most collectors turn their noses up when they see a Number 5 Powder Measure. Even mint in the box! I would rather use classic original tools. These are great, accurate powder measures for Smokeless or Black Powder. The low price makes them handy. I will often set one up for a particular caliber I shoot a lot. Set it and tag it, leave leave it for next time. 

The Regular Old No. 5


    This is an original ad that was placed in boxes along with the new No. 5 and 6 powder measures. Notice the long drop tubes that were available. The long drop tubes were thought to help settle the powder and help get more in a case when using black powder and the early "Bulk" smokeless powders.

    Modern Black powder shooters say they can actually "Hear" the difference between powder loaded with a long or short tube. They say there is a sharper "Crack" and the powder ignites better. 

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