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Modern Grooved Bullet Molds

     I buy these whenever I can. I always get a few at every show. Keep checking these listings because I update them whenever I get new stuff. Most Antique Molds are either too valuable to use, or in poor condition.

     If you like to shoot, these are a good alternative. I only buy molds that are in nice shape and will cast good, shootable bullets.

     Many of these molds are not available now. If you need a particular mold, let me know. I will try to find one for  you. 

     If you need one of these, E-mail me at, for more information.

    A very early 25 caliber, gas check, Ideal marked mold. Ideal Mold No. 257418. This will work in any 25 caliber rifle. The gas checks work well with smokeless powder loads. I do not have a box with this one. Extremely fine condition. It does not look like it was ever used.

Click on image to see a larger picture. Item # G001

Email:                    $125.00 plus shipping

     A Lyman Oddity. This mold is marked 257308 but it is actually a .287 or 7mm gas check bullet. (Measuring with dial calipers) Lyman did not list a 257308 in their catalog. It also has a very long hollow point pin that is numbered to the two mold halves. ( The box is marked correctly) Item # G002

    The mold is in very fine condition. It also comes with it's original box with wrapping paper. Very unusual!

Email;                         Sold

    An Ideal marked 38 caliber core mold. This one casts an adjustable slug for making 38 caliber jacketed bullets. The Mold looks unused and comes in its original box. These are really good if you make your own jacketed bullets. Adjust the length and change the weight of the bullet! (approx. .312 core)

Click on images to see a larger picture. Item # G003

Email;    $125.00 plus shipping


   An Early Ideal Mold listed in the Ideal Handbook for the 38-40 Rifle and Pistol Cartridges. This is a good one for accuracy because it has a Square Base, rather than the earlier Beveled Base. The mold has sharp, crisp edges and has been used very little.

Click on images for larger pictures.


  Item # G004                    $110.00 plus shipping

RCBS 40 Caliber Mold

     This is a brand new, never used RCBS mold. The cavity measures about .410 with calipers, so it probably casts a .408 bullet, depending on the alloy you use. The mold is sharp and clean and ready to go.

Click on image for a larger closeup. Item # G005

Email;             $125.00 plus shipping

     This mold casts a .451 bullet. It was intended for the Parker-Hale muzzle-loading replica Rifle. (The Volunteer Rifle) It also has other uses. Most Original, 44 caliber Sharps and Remington Rolling Block Sporting rifles are way oversize. The groove diameters are often .451 or larger, rather than the .446 you would expect.

     If you have a 44-77 or 44-90 original, this is just right for many of the old Rifles. Item # G006

     The mold is in great condition with crisp edges. It comes in the original box.


     Email;                      $155.00 plus shipping

Ideal 452460 Bullet Mold

    A modern Lyman marked mold with box, papers, wrappings. This is a target bullet for the 45 Colt Auto, and any other 45 caliber that requires a .452 bullet. It is a double cavity mold that is made for large size Lyman handles. Item # G007

This mold shows no signs of use, so it is like a brand new mold.



                                                                                               $85.00 plus shipping 

    This is a early Ideal marked mold that was once on the "Special list". There is a long one and a short one listed. This is the long one. They are supposed to be for 45 caliber pistols, but would work in any firearm of 45 caliber. Item # G008 

    The mold is in fantastic condition, maybe never used. It comes with a faded, original box.

Click on images for a bigger view.


Email;   $225.00 plus shipping

    An early Ideal Marked mold in great shape. No box. This is the standard 405 grain, 45 caliber mold for the Trapdoor Springfield Rifle that was used in rifle and carbine cartridges from 1873 until 1880. ( Check your bore diameter! Most are way oversize.)


 Item # G009                  $110.00.00 plus shipping

     Lyman 457121 bullet mold. Check the pictures. This mold is in excellent shape and comes in it's original box with wrapping paper. I see sharp crisp edges all around so it should cast great bullets. You could get this mold in different lengths. A previous owner marked the box 468 grain. 

Click on images to see larger picture. Item # G010

Email;                      $125.00 plus shipping

     A brand new, unused, 457132 Ideal Bullet mold in it's original box with papers and wrappings. Check out the box label. This casts a 535 grain bullet.

Click on the image to get a closer look. Item # G011

Email;                    $ 125.00 plus shipping

     This little mold is perfect for any muzzle-loader with a .500 bore diameter. With Black Powder, the hollow base will allow the skirt to expand out into the groove diameter. It will also work in many 50 caliber cartridge rifles. It comes in it's original box with wrapping paper. The mold has been used and is still in fine condition with crisp edges everywhere.

Click on image to see a close-up. Item # G012

Email;                            $ 155.00 plus shipping

    Lyman 55 caliber Minie bullet in it's original box. The mold is in excellent condition and has great, sharp, edges. The Lyman handbook says this is for some 54 and 56 caliber muskets.

Click on image for larger view. Item # G013

Email;                           $ 155.00 plus shipping

    The "Lyman Handbook of Cast Bullets" lists this bullet for the .58 U. S. Government Springfield Muzzleloading Rifle. ( Also Called Minie Ball )

The mold has nice sharp edges and should cast excellent bullets. It comes in it's original box. Item # G014


                                                                           $ 175.00 plus shipping

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