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Smith & Wesson Reloading Tools

    A friend sent these pictures for your viewing pleasure. If you can read, get some books about

Smith & Wesson. They were right in the middle of Firearms History in America. If you are too cheap to buy a book, check out Wikipedia. There is a short article on the 22 short rim-fire cartridge. S&W brought the short out in 1857 and it is still around! A 30 grain bullet and 4 grains of black powder.

    Smith and Wesson made a variety of reloading tools. Most seem to have been sold in sets. As always, check out "Reloading Tools" by Rowe and Curtis. Volume 2, pages 81 through 96 will show you the variety of tools available.


    This is a great set. It is possible there should be one more powder dipper and a wood mallet. I'm not really sure about that though. I'm not an expert on these tools, but I sure like them.

sw4 (2).JPG

    I hope you can read these instructions. They are dark, but show up on my big computer screen. Zoom in if you can. They tell the whole story of these tools. 


    These late model bullet molds are great. Someone at Smith and Wesson got tired of burning their hands and put some handles on the molds. I have some all iron molds around here somewhere. I doubt I will ever try to use them.

    These reloading tool sets would do everything you needed to do, except lubricate the bullet.

    You can see the re-capping hole in the bullet mold in the image above left.

    Light target loads with a round ball were also possible.    

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